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InterClub complete with labels and payments.

Hi all

This message is being sent via the Post/Send Information option in the management area. You can see that the big advantage of using this is that it brands the message and places an auto-login link at the top.  Replies go to whoever is set as the reply to address.

The InterClub is ready for entry, labels can be printed, and fees collected.  

My suggestion is to use this system to send a message to all delegates explaining they are delegated to enter InterClub and that by following the link in the message they are logged in and ready to upload the entries.  ONLY the delegate can enter and the delegate should not be changed once entries are loaded,

The content of the message is left on the page after sending,  so it is easy to slightly reword your message and then send it to Presidents,  Secretaries, etc.

The label printing creates two sets of labels one using the accounts’ address and the other uses the associate/clubs’ address.

If they are not the correct person they can change the contact details by logging in with the link and then using find a club to select their club and edit the contact details for their club to the correct details.

The send update option within the Associations area has been removed as the post info option covers this.  



PS: this message was sent to all in the management group for the FCC for your information



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